There are plenty of rock star designers in New York. Chances are, you need one you can actually talk to.

Hi there! I’m Jen. I’m a senior visual designer, art director and project lead living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I love beautiful type, punchy color, clear ideas and happy clients – almost as much as I love my floof of a dog, Lola Bean.

My role is working alone or in teams to develop engaging, functional and beautiful creative. It’s also to make my clients’ jobs easier, by helping them define and realize their goals, crossing tasks off their to-do lists and exceeding their expectations. Along the way to Creative Professional Nirvana™, I’ve been a cashier, a hostess, a server, a performer, a receptionist, and a client services manager. I know a thing or two about listening to what people want, and making it happen.

Could your project use someone like me on the team?

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Otherwise, read on to learn more about my strengths, experience and skill set. Cheers!


Client Relationship Management
Public Speaking/Presentation
Art Direction
Project Management